Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello Fellow Book Lovers!

Do you find yourself staying home to read books while your friends are out partying?
We sure do, ;]
This is Jackie, Tatianna, Michelle, Angelina and Jessica. We are always reading books, so to keep each other updated, we decided to start this blog.
A little bit about ourselves...
3 interesting things we can't live without:
Angelina: Texting, Makeup and Dancing
Michelle: California Rolls, Outdoors and Dasani
Jackie: Caffeine, Writing and NYC
Tatianna: Singing, Cowboy Boots and an Optomistic Lifestyle
Jessica: Fashion, Ojon Shampoo and Scrapbooking
2 things that make us unique:
Angelina: I broke my pinky toe by walking into a pole (lol) and my cop dad has a breathalyzer Michelle: My sister lives in England and I can put my foot behind my head
Jackie: I'm a Polish Vegitarian and I've been to India SEVEN times
Tatianna: My laugh and I'm deathly afraid of horror films
Jessica: I'm a redhead and I'm a nursing college student
1 life motto we live by:
Angelna: "Live your life your way"
Michelle: "What goes around comes around"
Jackie: "A ship can stay in harbor, but that's not what ships are made for"
Tatanna: "You know it was a good day if you didn't hit or bite anyone"
Jessica: "
Can You Tell Who's Who?

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